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I'm a third year Illustration student in Plymouth. This is my shit. Contact me for stuff and junk: terrywoodillustration@gmail.com



I have a new website - terrywoodillustration.com
It is not shit. Kinda.



My submission for the One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Penguin competition. Seeing as I've never read the book, I kinda just focussed on what I knew. He was sort of a janitor, some dude slits his throat, there's something about running away and mist apparently. Combining these unknown aspects, I feel I was able to create a suitable cover. I think. 

Little White Lies.

This is my final for the D&AD brief of designing the Little White Lies cover using Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Seeing as portraiture is not my strong point, and that is almost entirely what the brief asks for, I decided to make the title the main focal point. Originally I couldn't draw Gary Oldman, instead creating the mutant child of Jack Nicholson and Kim Jong Il. Thankfully it passed. Sort of.

Space Oddity.

A re imagining of David Bowie's Space Oddity EP cover. This is a work in progress, but I probably won't finish it. I'll probably start again. Probably. 

Zombie Snake Plissken.

A tribute to one of my favourite films of all time - Escape from New York. 


This was an etching from my first year at Plymouth University. It remains as the only piece of work that I still like from that year. Everything else is wank.

Is That Morgan Freeman?

Made for my flatmates Birthday. It deals with his inability to recognise any actors, mostly culminating in him asking "Is that Morgan Freeman?" No. No it's not. 

Business Up Front.

This was an idea for a zine that I am yet to fully pursue. Entitled Business Up Front, it explores the creation of Siamese twins through found imagery. I'm yet to continue this. 

The Nowhere Inn.

A tribute toward our favourite pub, the Nowhere Inn. This was a collaboration piece with Jonny Ellis
and Adam Reid. Using lyrics from songs found on the jukebox, my work I feel reflected the atmosphere of the pub very well. Eventually we gave the zine to the pub, and it can be found on display behind the bar. Didn't even get a free pint though, bastards. 

Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads.

Cut Your Hair - Pavement.

Bobby Brown - Frank Zappa.

Oh You Pretty Things - David Bowie.

Transmission - Joy Division.

Alternate Covers.

These are the designs for what would be the cover of the Dictator Bunny zine, as well as potential leaflets/posters. Also, when cropped into a circle, they become badges. Versatile and shit. 

Original Dictator Bunny Comic Strips.

These are the original Dictator Bunny comic strips that went on to inspire the Dictator Bunny zine. Overall I was very happy with the results, yet more so in shorter single panelled strips in which I was able to deliver the punch line a lot quicker and effectively. 

Dictator Bunny Finals.

Here are the final artworks for Illus 320. Dictator Bunny originally spawned from a comic strip that explored my hatred for pop/celebrity culture. Through this zine, I attempted to extend the narrative and to touch on Dictator Bunny's origin. Through the implementation of a dream and chase sequence, I was able to create three narratives that eventually culminated on the final page with the capture of Ben Affleck. The twat.
Page One.

Page Two.

Page Three.

Page Four.

Page Six.

Page Seven.

Page Twelve.

Page Thirteen.

Page Sixteen.